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We spoke to author Teresa Colon from the blog the wounded bird ministry. I found an article she wrote on Medium titled "What Is Normal" I loved it and she kindly agreed to come on. We talked about "normal" and she told us about her fight with bi-polar depression. We also talked about is Social media good for people that are depressed and so much more. Depression is finally being talked about openly, instead of hiding like its something shameful. Mental illness is not called illness for nothing. There are different variations of mental illness. There is a difference between major depressive disorder and situational depression. We talk about that too. Its a good podcast for people suffering from mental illness and loved ones. Its a good listen in general. We all need to know more about this disease. She also wrote a great article on what not to say to people suffering from depression. Teresa has a website for everyone, not just christians. Its got so much great info and also all her writings. 

Thanks so much to Teresa for being so open and honest and for coming on our show. 

Thanks much to the listeners that are hanging in there with us. We so appreciate you.


Grace and Michelle

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