WE are a couple of broads that love to talk about any thing and everything.

First we'd like to apologize for the great mystery of where did 40 minutes of the last podcast go. There is no explanation for it. I tried my best Nancy Drew and alas NO ANSWER. Anyhow this weeks show is AOK (we hope)

We talk Michelles Husky, both the dog and her voice. I lament being up since 5 AM  EDT but with 3 and a half wake up before our sultry lady from CA. gets up. I tried but no sultry for me. We also discuss the great story of the boys soccer team being trapped in a cave and all because of the teamwork of amazing volunteers and experts, EVERY ONE of them came out alive and in good health. We talk some political things. Then we get to important issues American versus English butts. Michelle pondered who's butts were bigger.What exactly is in the giant sarcophagus they discovered in Egypt. We make plans to go to Egypt perhaps in five years. We had a royal minute. A farewell to someone i really liked Tab Hunter and lots more. 

Once again so sorry about last weeks ghost podcast. Thanks so much to Michael and Michelles pal for giving us the heads up. 

Thanks to our listeners.

Michelle and Grace


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