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We had an impromptu show because Michelle was family free and I was home just drinking some vino. We talk about women being swindled by creeps they fall in love with, either in person or most often on line. If he seems too good to be true..BEWARE.  If some dude starts sniffing for dough amscray. We talk animal rights, Donalds Space Force, the royal minute, white supremicists, Britain names a lonliness minister. How sad. lonliness is at epidemic preportions all over the world. Ironic that we have social media, so many ways to contact peiople yet people are so lonely. Social media makes it very easy to avoid in person contact with people. I'm amazed at when there is person tobperson in the same room people text and constantly check their phone. Good for Theresa May for trying to help with this very important issue. We talk lots more..

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