WE are a couple of broads that love to talk about any thing and everything.

Can you believe its August. Life is a zoom zoom zoom a zooming. We talk Incels, which is a community of men that basically hate women and blame them for not giving them the sex they seem to feel they are owed. Their hero is Eliiot Roger, a young guy that felt he was so good looking and he saw women with ugly men (his words), yet they do not give him the sex he was owed. He ended up killing six people and injuring 14. 

We also discuss thin privilege and what that entails. We hope to have the author on to discuss her article. We have the royal minute. Americas Princess wanted to wear designer chick tuxedo but Harry said NO! It is not proper for Royal women to wear pants. Its a big no no. Being a princess sounds like its NO FUN..

We talk wedding songs that are no longer being played. NO MORE CHICKEN DANCE!! Also the electric glide. Its so freaky. All of a sudden a bunch of people get in a chorus line and make the moves. Its like a very bad off broadway musical. Macarena anyone?? Nope. We talk much more too. 

I was kind of grouchy and curmudgeon like. Sorry. Im not happy with my thin privilege take. I'm really not a creep. HA!!Michelle was Miss Sunshine.. 

Thanks so much for listening. Who loves you baby!!


Grace and Michelle


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