WE are a couple of broads that love to talk about any thing and everything.

We talk The Donald in Helsinki, Kissing Putins butt..Another actor talking about "me too" movement, Harrys wife Megan looks terrified on her outings alleges her dad. She and Kate seemed to like each other at Wimbledon, or were they secretly doing shots of tequila. A good story about a guy named William, Is Michelles dog pure husky?? She wants to know so she took his D.N.A. and sent to lab to find out. Apollo is gorgeous whatever he is. Will she feel differently if he is a mixed breed?? is it really worth sixty bucks to find out? We talked about article woman wrote about giving her hubby a B.J. everyday. She said it takes five minutes of her day to make hubby happy. Is it true that a BJ a day keeps the lawyers away?  We are excite that in a few weeks we will be having guests again. YAY!!

On another note. I lost my big bro to cancer on Sunday July 15th. Rest In Peace my dear brother. This song is dedicated to my brother. He liked Madonna..Who knew...I loved him now and until I die. 

Thanks to our listeners for hanging in,

Grace and Michelle

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