WE are a couple of broads that love to talk about any thing and everything.

Its a summers broads show. Since Michelles little darling is home for summer our Michelle sets her alarm for 5 AM and does the show. What a trooper!! We talked Trumps policy separating children from their parents at the border and how both sessions and Sarah Saunders calls it biblical. Though shalt take children away from parents at the border and immediately lose the in the system. Who knew that was the 11th commandment..Also Justin Trudeau eyebrow gate, Canada is bad says The Donald, North Korea good. We talked a wee bit Kardashians and how they now influence way too many peoples lives. Michelle thought Kims big ole Fake butt was real... lots more. Sorry this got out so late. Bad Grace (but not really)

Thanks so much for hanging in with us.

Michelle and Grace



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