WE are a couple of broads that love to talk about any thing and everything.

Our Michelle, like the trooper she is got up to do the podcast California time. I had already been awake three hours Ugggsville. We talked a lot of stuff, The fourth Of July and Fireworks and firecrackers. Scott Pruitt resigning AKA being canned. The Thai kids stuck in the cave. Eight are out already. YAYY!! The Donalds trip to England where he will be greeted with a giant baby Trump (think Macy Parade Big old ballons. The Donald will have tiny little hands and be in a diaper. I think he will be whisked away where he can't see it, Michelle thinks he will see it. Justin Trudeau has another "scandal" after eyebrow gate. A women he met 26 years accused him of touching her and behaving badly. We ponder why now, and why so close to eyebrow gate. We talk to border crisis, camping, Angelina Jolie wearing a strikingly similar dress, except mid knee and sans veil like Megan wore to her wedding. Brad and Angelina having more child custody war. Our royal minute. Michelle read the rules of what she must do now that she's Harrys wife. She has already commited a no no. She wore pants!! Get the tower of London ready. So silly. WE talked about at least thirty people dying in horrific heatwave. Man was it hot and humid. It finally broke Saturday. We talked some TV scoop. "The Affair" and "handmaids tale. Both shows made me cry. Especially handmaids. We talked aboout a lot more stuff but a big topic is that the number of women and childen starting as early as five to have vulvaplasty and labiaplasty. It is a cosmetic procedure. It made us sad that women had to resort to this. We are all different. We got mad at the moms that brought five year olds and uo to get the surgery. Nice message for the young girls. That they are ugly. 

Thanks to you all for listening. We have some great guests lined up for when we do it later.

We love you all,


Michelle and Grace

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