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We talked to the  spiritual bad a** Veronika Drake. She was honest and fun. We discover when she discovered she had the ability to contact the spirit world. She talks about her depression leading to her decision to kill herself by crashing into a tree. She felt someone taking the steering wheel and putting her to the side of the road. Her feelings and what happened to her in the car was pretty amazing. We discuss her part in the world of Channeling Erik. It has devout followers. I'll link you to its webpage. I called her Vanessa?? I think I was channeling Vanessa that had a message for Veronika. OR I just called her the wrong name. Bad me. Veronika gave me a reading. I am skeptical of anything to with speaking to the dead but I have seen psychics. One was amazing and right on the money. Veronika was the second medium that really told me things no one else could have known. I've never discussed on any show and it is not knowledge available on social media or internet. I was pretty amazed. Micheele can't wait until its her turn to talk to Veronika. Stay tuned..

Thanks so much to Veronika. She was an amazing, warm and funny guest. 

Thanks so much to our listeners. We love you all. 

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Veronika was amazing in her reading of me. Please know this all is related to your own beliefs. What worked for me might not work for you. I am a skeptic but mostly I just say I don't know. I do know thee are charlatans out there. I've spoken to a few on my groovy podcast. She described a picture of my mother and me that was on my main page. She said you were with your grandmother thats short in front of a green house. I said nope. My mom had me in late forties so she looked like she could be my grandma. I knew exactly what pic she was talking about but said no at all her tries. It's very easy to look up peoples info. As I said Veronica was on the money for me and I did not find her to be devious or a charlatan. Thats me..

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